Walk-through of the NEC rules pertaining to incoming feeder taps to help maintain required electrical safety and avoid potential issues with local electrical inspectors.  
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InControl Issue 11

Understanding NEC tap rules
How do they apply to circuit breaker terminals?
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The rules
Circuit breakers are often used to supply current to more than one load.  The 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC) includes a number of requirements and specifications related to incoming feeder taps.

This white paper will clarify those rules to ensure that panel builders and integrators maintain required electrical safety and avoid potential issues with local electrical inspectors by correctly applying the code articles.
High breaking capacity
Compact dimensions
The latest Tmax XT circuit breakers offer high breaking capacity in up to 37% smaller size.  Find out how the smaller footprint and extended amperages enable panel builders and manufacturers to save costs while maintaining high performance.  
Circuit breaker coordination
Learn how to reduce downtime using breaker coordination and current limiting features.  
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