InControl Issue 2

The dark secret about "certified" control panels
Talk to a local UL 508 panel builder
Dark secret
Electrical control panels present more than a few safety risks, and panel buyers frequently don’t get the level of safety they assume they are buying.  

This white paper describes certification issues, how they sometimes fall short in protecting panel buyers, and what buyers can do to ensure they are getting all the safety they require. 
Smaller footprint, faster installation
Breakers for the most competitive switchboards
The Emax 2 circuit breaker delivers space and cost savings with its unique compact design, helping panel builders downsize switchboards by 25%.  Inside this optimized envelope, ABB SACE created new solutions specifically designed to help panel builders.  Easier connection to the busbars, easier installation of the breaker, and easier connections in the terminal box are just the starting point. Find out how the Emax 2 can help you start saving today.  
Building a better, more profitable, control panel
Sourcing all of your control panel components from one supplier can save you money.  One order.  One shipment.  One invoice.  It's like getting deliveries from eight companies in one truck.  

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What is your biggest control panel challenge?  
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  - Material cost
  - Finding the correct products for the application
  - Obtaining the proper certifications

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