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The surge in panel protection
Talk to a local surge protection expert
More dangers in the power world
As the sophistication and functions of control panels have evolved over the years they have also become more fragile.  Combine that with the dangerous power world we live in today, and protection from surges is more important than ever.  

This white paper describes the increased need for surge protection devices (SPD) for industrial control panels, and goes on to list some added benefits of SPDs to users.
Increase equipment lifespan
Prevent loss of productivity
OVR range of Surge Protectors is designed to protect electrical systems and equipment against transitory surges and impulses caused by lightning and operations on the electrical grid.  When applied properly, SPDs have the potential to protect not only your panel, but also other devices that share the same circuit.  Find out how you can increase your quality of service and equipment lifespan today!   
How to protect your facility from surges (with demo)
Watch a demonstration of what can happen to electronic devices when subjected to a typical surge event (spoiler alert: the blender doesn't survive).  See what happens when an SPD device is used, and learn how a to select the right SPD to protect your facility.  
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