Control Panel Builder

Panel Builders easy access to ABB’s extensive range of low voltage control products, enabling you to source all your critical components from one supplier. Product selection tools and other business efficiency resources make this the ultimate one-stop-shop to cover all your low voltage control product needs.

1 Contactors and overloads

ABB’s AF contactors signify a major advancement in motor control and power switching. They come standard with electronic coils and built-in surge suppression. The AF contactors, along with ABB’s short circuit and overload protective devises, provides the user with fully tested, UL listed short circuit current rating (SCCR) motor combinations.
— UL general purpose and motor switching
— 9 to 2650 A
— 5 to 900 HP
— Up to 1000 V
— 3-pole and 4-pole versions
— Accessories include: connection sets, auxiliary contact blocks, interlocking units, timers, electronic and thermal overload relays
— Available with push-in spring termination for faster, easier assembly

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2 Disconnect switches

ABB has a wide portfolio of low voltage switches that includes fusible, non-fusible, change-over, enclosed and cam switches with ratings between 16 and 2000 amps for both AC and DC applications. These disconnects are suitable for machinery, power distribution, switchboards, motor control centers and photovoltaic applications.
— UL508 and UL98 Listed
— Compact size
— High performance
— Safe to use and easy to install
— The most complete offering of disconnects on the market

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3 Tmax/XT molded case circuit breakers

Tmax MCCBs provide an extremely high level of performance with limited overall dimensions and installation simplicity. The Tmax line is available in 10 sizes, a complete range of trip unit options and with a wide variety of electrical and mechanical accessories.
— Thermal magnetic and electronic versions
— Up to 3000 A with up to 200 kA of short circuit protection
— 240, 480 and 600 V optimized solutions
— Fixed, plug-in or drawout
— Accessories include: motor operators, auxiliary and signal contacts, shunt trip, under-voltage release and bell alarms

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4 Manual motor starters

Manual motor starters can reduce panel space, installation time and cost. Applications include manual motor control, local motor disconnect, group installation and self-protected combination motor controllers.
— Up to 100 A, 100 HP and 65 kA short circuit protection
— Self-protected UL508 type E and F (up to 100 kA)
— Accessories include: connection sets, auxiliary contact blocks and shunt trips, power-feed blocks, under-voltage release and short circuit signaling contacts
— Available with push-in spring termination for faster,
easier assembly

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5 Starters

ABB’s starters can be used in most motor control applications using mechanical starting means as well as solid state
— IEC and NEMA rated
— Combination tested to 200 kA
— Enclosed and open styles

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6 Transformers

ABB X series industrial control transformers provide stepped-down voltages for machine tool control devices and industrial control panels. They are made with high-quality silicon steel laminations to minimize core loss and optimize performance.
— 45 to 5000 VA
— Multiple primary AC voltages
— 24, 115, 24/115 AC secondary voltages
— Epoxy-encapsulated coils and molded-in terminals

7 Power supplies

ABB’s CP range of innovative primary switch mode power supplies provides compact construction, easy DIN rail mounting, high efficiency, reliability and safety. Accessories include buffer units, redundancy modules and more.
— 5, 12, 24 or 48 V DC output voltage with wide range of AC or DC supply voltages
— High efficiency, up to 94%
— Open-circuit, overload and short-circuit proof input fuse
— Coated (PCBA) and ATEX certification available for hazardous locations

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8 Surge protective devices (SPDs)

SPDs are designed for long service life, protecting equipment from surges due to lightning strikes, upstream equipment and utility load switching. They are suitable for use in hospitals, data centers, renewable energy, water/wastewater treatment and other critical-power applications.
— UL1449
— OVR DIN rail SPD for equipment protection;15 and 40 kA
— Replaceable MOV cartridges and modules
— Joslyn® line offers SPDs for all applications that can help protect equipment from over-current and overvoltage events

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9 Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs)

ABB, the inventor of miniature circuit breaker technology, offers the largest selection of current-limiting, compact, DIN-rail mounted MCBs for AC and DC applications. Thermal and magnetic trips are provided to cover both over-current and short-circuit faults.
— UL489, UL1077 and IEC
— 0.2 to 125 A, up to 600 V AC/DC and 50 kA short circuit protection
— Accessories: bus bars, auxiliary and signal contacts, shunt trip, under-voltage release and lock out/tag out

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10 Fuse holders

— IP66, IP67, IP69 and NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12,13
— Wiping contacts and integrated LEDs
— Standard and custom legend plate shrouds

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11 Ice cube and solid state relays

ABB’s solid state and electromechanical relays ensure reliable voltage conversion between process peripherals and higher-level control systems. Suitable for use in extreme environments, our relays ensure reliable signal switching and electrical isolation for sensitive electronics such as PLCs. A wide variety of pluggable interface relays with standard or logic sockets can be used for switching AC or DC loads.
— Coil voltages from 5 V DC to 230 V AC
— Up to 16 A contact ratings and up to four output contacts
— Optional plug-in modules available; timer, LED and more
— Integrated test button for manual operation
— Gold-plated contacts available for lowest contact resistance
— Super slim (CR-S), less than 1⁄4″ wide

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12 Electronic relays and controls

ABB’s assortment includes a wide range of products for switchgear and control gear for electrical equipment and automation of machinery and plants. These versatile products offer maximum security, economic efficiency and capacity. Ongoing development of the product range makes new applications possible.
— Timers
— Measuring and monitoring relays
— Grid-feeding monitors
— Sensor interface relays
— Universal motor control

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13 Pilot devices

ABB offers two ranges of pilot devices for 22 mm diameter holes. The modular range includes operators, holders and contact, and LED blocks that can be combined. The compact range offers all functions built into a single unit. Adapter rings enable use of 22 mm pilot devices in 30 mm diameter holes.
— IP66, IP67, IP69K and NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, 13
— Wiping contacts and integrated LEDs
— Standard and custom legend plate shrouds
— A full line of emergency stops

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14 Safety products

ABB Jokab Safety provides an extensive range of innovative products and solutions for machine safety systems. These products save labor and components, simplify maintenance and troubleshooting and provide the highest level of safety.
— Safety relays, safety controllers and programmable safety controllers
— Light barriers, sensors, locks and control devices
— Machine fencing systems
— Contactors for safety applications

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15 Wiring duct

Ty-Duct® premium duct is ideal
for electrical enclosures, machine
building and datacom closets.
Two-point flush covers install with
less force and greater capacity
— Upper and lower score lines permit tool-less finger breakout and easy sidewall section removal
— Universal mounting clip serves as a cable tie mounting base or as a snap connector for duct dividers
— Easily removable protective film prevents scratches and allows for temporary labeling

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16 Ty-Fast®

— Cable ties, wire sleeving, mounting accessories and spiral wrap

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17 SpecKon®

— crimped wire termination systems

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18 Color-Keyed® compression

— System solution designed to meet the most stringent testing requirements. Our Color-Keyed lugs are made of 99.9% pure, oxygen free copper. The Color-Keyed color coded crimping system assures the right die is used with the right lug resulting in an accurate, reliable crimp

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19 T&B® Fittings

— Liquidtight, cord and cable fittings, CHASE® fittings and multi-hole cord grips

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20 Russellstoll®

— Maxgard(r), Duragard(r), ABB IEC Pin and Sleeve
— ABB IEC Pin and Sleeve: ideal for showdown and outside use (IP69K). Flames safe with high chemical and impact resistance properties. Designed to prevent cable pull out .
— Maxgard: Heavy industrial connectors ideal for harsh environment.
— Duragard: ideal for showdown and suitable for outside use.

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