Power control technology

See power control technology in action at ABB Customer World. ABB Customer World is a chance to learn, connect with peers, and find solutions. This year, it includes a remarkable simulation of the ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System, connecting devices throughout the showroom in working demo.

Every two years, ABB brings its top experts and an impressive collection of technology to Houston for ABB Customer World (ACW). Past attendees know it is a must-attend event, a unique opportunity to get hands-on with the latest and greatest technology, and face to face with the people who designed it.

This year, the people responsible for managing electrical power for their facilities will be able to experience that technology in far more engaging and enlightening way. They can explore the traditional, static displays of the various devices, including ABB breakers, switches, and other power-control equipment and technology. But they can also see how the ABB AbilityTM Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS) can monitor, optimize, and control those devices.

“ABB AbilityTM EDCS is a powerful, cloud-based solution for the supervision of low-voltage power distribution systems,” explains Kevin Jordan, Protection and Connection Market Development Manager for ABB. “We will be setting up the ACW show floor, the Technology & Solution Center, as a simulated plant under the supervision of our EDCS. Attendees won’t just learn about the capabilities of the individual devices. This will let them see live interaction between ABB Ability products from our 55” ABB AbilityTM EDCS touch screen.”

EDCS works by gathering and analyzing data from customers’ plants, combining them with the knowledge and expertise gained from ABB’s global installed base, and delivering the optimal recommendations for operations and maintenance.

Despite the impressive sophistication of EDCS, installing and using it is surprisingly simple. It’s possible to connect a panel to the cloud in as little as 10 minutes. Once up and running, facility managers can create customized, widget-based displays that enable them to quickly access the data they need most.

Attendees interested in a deeper understanding of EDCS should consider attending the two ACW sessions devoted to that topic.

  1. ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System: The Ability to send power to the bottom line: Attendees will get an overview of how EDCS enables facility operators to monitor, manage, and optimize facility energy consumption, anytime from anywhere.
  2. Learn how to monitor, optimize and utilize predictive maintenance data with ABB Ability™ EDCS:  In this hands-on session, participants will explore the advanced analytics, predictive maintenance, and power monitoring tools that support an effective energy-management program.

Those unable to attend but interested in experiencing EDCS can view the six-minute video demo, or downloading the white paper available, “Monitor, optimize and control low voltage data center electrical distribution, and predict asset maintenance requirements”.

Success Squad escape room activity

What keeps you up at night? ABB asked that question of people responsible for the electrical power at their facilities. For panel builders, one of the top answers was controlling costs. That concern has been transformed into one of four escape-room-style activities. Attendees become members of Success Squads that have to beat the clock, working puzzles and finding clues related to ABB products, to solve their challenge.

Success Squad teams then proceed to the other three rooms, with challenges related to maximizing uptime and productivity, offsetting skilled labor costs and improving/ productivity, and personnel safety. After completing all four challenges, the teams go to the debriefing area to learn how they did and have a team photo taken.

ACW is much more than a technology showcase. It’s an opportunity to learn from the experts, network with peers, and find solutions to the most pressing issues faced by the people responsible for ensuring reliable electrical power in their facilities.

People already planning to attend ACW should make it a point to view the EDCS demo and join a Success Squad. For people not planning to attend, it’s not too late. Registration is fee. The knowledge you’ll gain is priceless.