short circuit current ratings

4 Steps to calculate short circuit ratings in industrial control panels

This article has been updated March 2024, read the latest version here.

Daniel Lightsey
ABB Ability Smart Power

Marcel E. Valdes, PE, IEEE Fellow
Applications Engineering Manager

ABB Electrification Business

Short-circuit current ratings (SCCR) are a critical specification when designing industrial control panels. Determining the appropriate SCCR actually requires no calculations. Instead, there is a simple, four-step process to follow.

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Machine safety fence solution

A simpler safety fence solution

Darrell Burkeen
Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV NORD)
ABB Jokab Safety Products

A simpler safety fence solution for manufacturers that provides effective protection from danger. A new approach to fence design helps make it easier to design, purchase, install and maintain safety fence systems.

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