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Superior safety: From switches to sensors

Rich Gibson Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV NORD) ABB Jokab Safety Products First-generation safety interlocks, like the mechanical door switch, were the best available solution 50 years ago ‒ but were far short of perfect. Read how the technology evolved – not always smoothly – to today’s safer, more reliable sensors. The most fundamental machine-safety […]

Two technologies that simplify panel building

Berea Janzen Product Marketing Manager – EPR, Pilot Devices, Limit Switches ABB Electrification Products In every assembly process, simplicity saves time and money. Two simple technologies that simplify panel making are push-in connections and compact pilot devices. Learn more about how they can help improve your assembly process. Anyone who has been part of a […]

Are you making smart component choices?

Allen Austin Market Development Manager-Americas – Renewable Energy & Power Generation ABB Electrification Products Division When selecting components for energy storage power control systems, traditional designs are the right choice in some cases. For automatic transfer switches and current monitoring systems, it’s a smart idea to consider today’s smarter digital devices.

Less is more when it comes to machine safety

Rich Gibson Product Marketing ABB Jokab Safety Products Most machine builders have been going the wrong way on safety, adding more protective devices in their effort to reduce risks. Turns out that the right approach is to actually use fewer devices. Read how keeping things simpler actually makes machines safer.

Push here for panel-building productivity

Chris Lovell Product Marketing ABB EPPC North America The people who build panels spend a considerable amount of their time with screwdrivers in their hands. Push-in connections not only eliminate the need to tighten terminals but also result in more reliable, vibration-proof connections. Read about the benefits of push-in connections and ABB Push-in Spring solutions […]

Build power system reliability with breaker coordination

Egon Hillermann Building Products ABB Electrification Products Division Facility managers seek to isolate electrical outages to the smallest possible area. Current protective systems often don’t do that. Read this article to learn how breaker coordination limits faults to a branch closest to the fault while protecting the rest of the network. Imagine the plumbing system […]

A new way to monitor and manage power

Kevin Jordan Market Development Manager ABB EP Protection and Connection Many process and production plants, as well as power-critical facilities like data centers, have at least a basic system to warn them of power problems. A new cloud-based power monitoring solution can provide much more information and deliver measurable benefits. Panel builders or system integrators […]