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4 Steps to calculate short circuit ratings in industrial control panels

This article has been updated March 2024, read the latest version here. Daniel LightseyABB Ability Smart Power—Marcel E. Valdes, PE, IEEE FellowApplications Engineering Manager ABB Electrification Business Short-circuit current ratings (SCCR) are a critical specification when designing industrial control panels. Determining the appropriate SCCR actually requires no calculations. Instead, there is a simple, four-step process […]

3 levels of device monitoring

John Belshe & Kevin JordanProduct Marketing ManagersABB Electrification Products Division More and more panels are incorporating smarter breakers with sensors that can provide alerts and take action when they detect an issue. Panel builders can choose from 3 levels of device monitoring, taking a good/better/best approach to providing their customers with these benefits.