Motor control for pump applications

The three levels of motor-starting controls

Providers of many products and services have long classified offerings as “Good, Better, or Best” to help guide buyers. That three-tier classification also works well for panel builders designing motor starting systems.  

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Arc flash mitigation solutions

3 Approaches to reducing the danger and damage of arc flash

There are a number of ways to help reduce the damage and danger of arc-flash events. There’s also a way simply to help prevent them. Learn more about three common methods of arc-flash mitigation. 

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Higher solar voltage / New panel opportunities

Solar-PV energy providers no longer need complex solutions to match 800/1000 VAC array outputs to lower-voltage storage systems. Panel builders can support their shift to much simpler, more efficient, more reliable 800/1000 VAC storage.

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high-efficiency motors

Control panel, motor control, selection made easy

Selecting devices matched to your motor to help ensure safe, reliable operation has never been easier. The just released ABB Motor Starting and Protection Selector mines relevant catalogs and resources to provide a bill of materials for the circuit.

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panel power system

3 Cs of designing reliable panel power systems

Panel builders and end users interested in more reliable, more functional panel power system should consider the 3 Cs: Complexity, Clutter, and Cost.

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widely used transformer was the induction coil

Getting inside the humble transformer

Transformers are a foundational component in almost every panel. While it’s a fairly straightforward device, there are probably some things you don’t know about how it works and how you should select your supplier.

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compliance with UL standards for MCCs

Three insights on ensuring compliance with UL standards for MCCs

Builders and buyers of motor control centers (MCCs) rely on standards, notably UL 845, to ensure panel safety and functionality. This article provides insights and tips to help you better understand key elements of those standards.

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Safety PLC

4 Benefits of Safety PLCs

In many applications, Safety PLCs caIn many applications, Safety PLCs can not only help ensure required safety levels but also provide process control. Panels using only a Safety PLC can be smaller and simpler, and help panel builders keep their costs lower.

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Renewable energy storage

Renewable energy storage = Big opportunities for OEMs and panel builders

The bread-and-butter business for panel builders and OEMs has been safely delivering and controlling electric power. Today, storing that energy represents a new and growing opportunity. How big is the potential and what systems are involved?

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mini circuit breaker trip curves

What you need to know about miniature circuit breaker trip curves

One of the critical criteria when selecting miniature circuit breakers is their trip curve. Awareness of these curves will help you select the right breakers for your applications, and diagnose potential nuisance tripping issues.

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